Digital Billboards

Digital billboard advertising is now available in the Boston market and RSA Media is at the forefront. As Boston’s largest, locally-owned billboard company, we are uniquely positioned to make digital billboards a success for your out-of-home advertising campaign. We have seven digital billboard locations that will help maximize your return on investment with this versatile new medium and there are lots of good reasons to get on board.

Boston digital billboards also serve a much-needed public service function. From Amber Alerts to safety warnings, digital billboards can be crucial in quickly alerting the public to danger and where to go for help.

Why go digital?

Flexibility. The messages on digital billboards can be changed instantaneously. This means that if you need to revise your copy or simply alter part of your message, it can be done in a matter of minutes.

Need a shorter flight for a time-specific message? RSA Media’s digital billboards offer dayparting options that allow you to pick just the right time for your product in order to match your message. For example, we can run a morning time for a breakfast message display and tailor your rush hour time to just the right audience.

Costs. Digital billboards can be more cost-effective for businesses by allowing them to buy specific times and choose dayparting options. Many small businesses like the option of being able to buy specific blocks of time, advertise for specific periods of time or even split the advertising time with another business—all options that are not possible with traditional static billboard advertising. And when it’s time to swap out a message for another one, it can be done quickly and more cost-effectively than traditional billboards.

Environmental. The light emitted from digital billboards is far less than from standard static billboards. Illumination is lowered automatically during night hours so that the light does not disturb surrounding buildings and meets all local regulations.

And when the message is removed, there is no substrate to dispose of, reducing the waste product that is usually associated with conventional billboards. In addition, fewer materials means lower costs to advertisers.

How does it work?

Our digital billboards are manufactured by Daktronics, Inc., a highly respected leader in the digital billboard industry.

The company uses an elliptical-shaped LED, resulting in a light output emission pattern that is wider horizontally and narrower vertically. Why does this pattern make a difference?
A digital display must be easily visible in all lighting conditions so that it is not washed out by the sun during bright daylight or too bright at night. The elliptical-shaped LED used by Daktronics decreases light output at off angles, making it suitable for many different lighting conditions.

Local regulations also are important and our digital billboards are able to dim down at night to a level that meets community protocols. Using a louver system over each row of pixels, our billboards can provide shade for the display during daylight hours and minimize the amount of upward light during nighttime hours.

What locations can you choose?

We have seven Boston-area digital billboards that are now operational. Every RSA Media digital billboard will offer six 10-second spots per minute. Learn more about our billboard options.

• Digital Unit #17-Route 1 • Walpole • North-facing • 14’ x 48’
• Digital Unit #18-Route 1• Walpole • South-facing • 14’ x 48’
• Digital Unit #19-Mass Turnpike I-90 • Auburn, MA • West-facing • 20’ x 60’ Spectacular
• Digital Unit #22-Greater Boston Food • Boston, MA • North-facing • 14’ x 48’
• Digital Unit #23-Greater Boston Food • Boston, MA • South-facing • 14’ x 48’
• Digital Unit #28-Mass Pike, I-90: Westborough, MA • East-facing • 14’ x 48’
• Digital Unit #29-Mass Pike, I-90, Westborough, MA • West-facing • 14’ x 48’ 
• Digital Unit #30-I-95, Sharon
, MA • North-facing • 14’ x 48’
• Digital Unit #31-I-495, Methuen
, MA • South-facing • 14’ x 48’                       
• Digital Unit #32-I-495, Methuen, MA • North-facing • 14’ x 48’
•Digital unit #33 – Rt 1 WL 2640’  NO Lynn St, FS, Malden
•Digital unit #34: Rt 1 WL 2640’  NO Lynn St, FN, Malden
• Digital Unit #35-Lynnway, Lynn, MA • South-facing • 14’ x 48’                      
• Digital Unit #36-Lynnway, Lynn, MA • North-facing • 14’ x 48’

RSA Media is well positioned to make your digital billboard program a success. Contact us for some creative outdoor advertising ideas that can get your message in lights today.RSA Media digital billboards in Boston will help your company to stand out and create greater visibility and awareness.