Billboard on Mass Turnpike - Boston, MA (E/F)

About this billboard

This Spectacular vertical wallscape is the first right-hand read on the Massachusetts Turnpike, I-90, heading westbound from Boston. This unit shows to all vehicles on the Mass Pike and pedestrians crossing the Brookline Avenue bridge connecting Fenway Park (home of the Boston Red Sox) and Kenmore Square (home of two of Boston’s largest universities, Boston University and Northeastern University). This area is also the center of Boston’s favorite nightclubs, bars and live music venues. This unit can be seen not only by motorists but also students, Red Sox fans, night-club goers, bar hoppers, tourists and all other vehicles and pedestrians who cross the bridge. The pedestrian flow here is constant. The view from the Mass Pike, I-90, is also dramatic as this unit stands as Boston’s only 60’x20’ Vertacular Wallscape.

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